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Today, around 75% of organizations (note1) across all major industries are embracing new big data innovations including predictive analytics, business/data modelling and data virtualization. In manufacturing, for example, companies are looking to optimize workflows or in the healthcare sector to improve patient care.

However these projects often translate into complex, long running and very expensive programs.

After consulting tier one telecoms providers as well as industry analysts, it became clear that the industry hasn’t really moved on in the past few years, and even where aggregated data is starting to make some economic sense to use, data scientists are still struggling to extract and understand valuable business insights.

The formation of

This is where the approach is different. Our team of experts, supported by a strong network of innovative organizations, analysts, university labs and independent technology gurus are able to quickly transform data at our customers into valuable insights, without the complexity of implementing and supporting a big data approach. uses state of the art on-demand technology to be smart about only extracting data needed to support the business insights requested. Furthermore the Smart Apps based approach provides a library of supported “use-case out-of-the-box” providing fast and reliable solutions for customers.

Who are was formed by a group of friends and telco industry veterans with global experience. We shared the same innovative idea of transforming business analytics to provide companies with greater insight into their data, easily and cost effectively. We have over fifty years of experience, spanning from inventory, fault and performance management, network probing, network analytics and data warehouse technologies. ethos ethos is built on two principles, firstly to show real economic value in solving business challenges, secondly to achieve this with fast applications based solution that are implemented using the latest technology. solutions aligns its self to the harsh realities of budgets within telecoms departments today, where projects need to quickly provide a real return on investment rapidly. In removing the need to deploy big data infrastructure or have skilled data scientist, projects can be accelerated and supported in a cost efficient way. 

Note1 CSC Global CIO Survey 2014-1015

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