Customer Experience and Network Analytics

Service providers must provide a customer experience that is better than their competitors to gain and retain customers. Customer experience is complex measure and therefore hard to manage, with multiple aspects to it. Understanding service related issues at a subscriber level enables service providers to react to poor experience by changing the network or providing timely care to the subscriber.’s SmartApps provide key indicators that give service providers clear guidance on how to better treat customers to improve their experiences.

Network planning and marketing function increasingly are being asked to refine and optimise their processes and to ensure that they work closer together as functions.’s SmartApps provide business insights into the detailed nature of devices, subscriber profiles and their locations enabling better network planning to be achieved and more effective marketing.

Predictive Churn Analytics

Accurate churn analysis based on network data

Subscriber Experience Analytics

Provide proactive actions to address customers issues

Subscriber Traffic Profiling

Subscriber profiling to assess heavy users of data

Network Usage Analytics

Analysis of network cluster for actual network usage

Subscriber Device Analytics

Mobile device based analytics to target network or marketing projects

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