ShowMe SmartApps solutions are provided to business users through a growing library of SmartApps. Each SmartApp provides a solution to a specific business need and is designed to enable business users to unlock insights with potentially large datasets and complex algorithms. Each SmartApp is developed by to run on the on-demand platform using our data scientists and SmartApp development team. New SmartApps are being developed to expand the library as finds new insights for our customers.

The SmartApps include not only the data algorithms, but also the configuration of SmartAgents that extract only the data they need from data sources as well as the interface to display the insights and configuration data inputs. The hosting of the SmartApp data, algorithms and interfaces are all a part of the proposition providing business users with the insights they need without having to deploy and resource additional data infrastructure. 

If you don’t see a SmartApp that fits your requirements it is possible that we are already working on the solution in our SmartApps production team, please get in touch with us.

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