Data Monetization

In order for service providers to unlock the potential revenues for external data monetization, deep and unique business insights need to be offered to their customers. The gold mine of customer data must be opened with the use of deep knowledge of the data sets that are available and an understanding of the business needs of potential users of the insights.’s solutions have picked out a growing library of insights based on network and other data sources to deliver unique insights for companies. New revenues can be created through the development of services that sell these insights to brands who need to make better business decisions or governmental bodies that must optimise their processes.

Web Content Awareness

Competitive brand analysis of web and app tracking

Web Content Segmentation

Subscriber micro-segmentation using network data

Subscriber Geo Segmentation

Subscriber profiling to assess out-door advertising content

Location Profiling Awareness

Subscriber profiling to assess foot-fall and profiling of locations for retail

Subscriber Context Segmentation

Segmentation based on live data such as location, url, or application

Subscriber Journey Segmentation

Analysis of customer movement patterns for targeted marketing

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