Time for a re-think on Big Data Insights

Big Data needs to provide much clearer economic benefits with new insights. Cheaper data storage does not provide sufficient business value.

Making data pay

Create new revenue streams through monetizing your customer data through delivering new business insights.

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Show.me SmartApps

Show.me SmartApp library provides business insights on-demand to monetize data and drive new efficiencies.

Web Content Segmentation

Subscriber micro-segmentation using network data

Web Content Awareness

Competitive brand analysis of web and app tracking

Location Profiling Awareness

Subscriber profiling to assess foot-fall and profiling of locations for retail

Predictive Churn Analytics

Accurate churn analysis based on network data

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Show.me delivers economic benefits fast

Show.me’s innovative approach to unlocking insights in customer data through technical and business innovation

Rapid to deploy

On-demand platform delivers business value in days from initial engagement

Light to implement

Cloud based delivery is a fully managed service accessible by users through secure on-line interfaces.

Costs linked benefits

Low up-front investment enables revenues to grow with known solution costs

Instant access to insights

SmartApps provide instant access to business insights for customer who already use the show.me platform

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