Our Platform Architecture

Show.me platform unlocks business solutions through its innovative architecture and the use of a library of SmartApps that address specific customer requirements.

The platform is broken into four layers that provides a flexible platform to deliver SmartApps to customers.

Smart Inisghts


SmartApps are a library of pre-configured business insights to address specific business issues. Each App has associated with it SmartInsight model(s), SmartData and Smart Agents. The Smart Apps manage and configure each of the elements to gather only the data needed to run the smart insights needed for each of the Apps.

Smart Inisghts


SmartInsights are a collections of insights and tools used by Show.me to investigate, create and execute models that extract business insights from the SmartData layer. These techniques use machine learning, as well as statistical modelling to support each business requirement.

Data Layers

SmartData Layer

SmartAgents create SmartData that has selected only the data needed to populate data models required by SmartApps. SmartData provides a highly responsive, robust and secure storage of data. It supports real time or batch mode data. In addition SmartData provides an API layer for the export of data for the SmartApps.

Smart Agents


SmartAgents are a light-weight software element that are deployed on customer premises. SmartAgents extract, transform and filter data from customer systems. The configuration of each SmartAgent is managed remotely by Show.me and is dependent on the requirements of the SmartApps that are being used.

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